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Anneke's bumpy road to Rio

Life would be too easy if things always went to plan. Triathlete Anneke Jenkins' perseverence has helped keep her sights on the Rio 2016 Olympics.

February 2016

An unexpected turn of events

Anneke started 2015 off strong, but a hip injury in March forced her out of the international triathlon circuit until just before the end of the season. It just goes to show how easily you can be thrown off your game plan. Especially if your job means you’re often hurtling down a road at 55kph.

“It was devastating for me. I was doing so well and I was so well prepped for the year ahead. But I took a tumble off my bike – well, a bit more than a tumble. I was doing 55kph, hit a rock and flew over the front of my handlebars. My helmet definitely saved my life for sure. I’m so lucky it did its job! Keeping that in perspective makes it easier for me to stay focused. I was out for the rest of the season but I’m still able to keep doing what I love.”

The injury meant Anneke had to go into surgery to fix both her hips. We caught up with her during her recovery.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Things have picked up for Anneke more recently though. Despite the operation, Anneke’s managed to get back on her bike. In September she competed in a half iron man. After the swim and bike she had a 7 minute lead in the race, but had to pull out during the run. “At that stage of my recovery the distance was just too long for me. But my time for the swim and bike proved that my recovery is going well.”

In October Anneke managed to last the distance and competed in a triathlon cup, in Morocco. She came third and was thrilled with the result.

Anneke Jenkins with medal

The future looks bright

Anneke’s now straight into training as usual. She's looking to compete throughout February and March in events based in Kinloch, Takapuna and Gisborne, as well as two world cups in New Plymouth and Mooloolaba, Australia.

Anneke’s still focused on getting to the Rio Olympics in August 2016, despite being behind with where she’d planned on being with her qualifying points. Anneke's results in her upcoming events will help to determine whether she earns a place at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

But whether she gets to the 2016 Olympics or not, we’ll always think Anneke’s amazing. She’s persevered to get this far. It’s only a matter of time before we see her name in lights.

Follow Anneke’s journey with us as we wait to see if she makes the 2016 Olympic team.