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The real value of a good adviser

“Without our adviser we would have found it hard to see where products overlap. We went through everything several times and we’re very happy with the outcome. ”

David, Asteron Life customer

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Why choose an adviser?

They focus on what’s important

Advisers help you zero in on what’s really important to you and your loved ones or your business. They can help you identify situations and issues that you may not have considered.                    

They do the hard work

Your advisers should have access to a wide range of insurance solutions. They can help to find the best products in the market for your budget and needs. They can also tell you what others may have done in a similar situation.

They’re regulated and impartial

Advisers are regulated when it comes to providing insurance advice. Advisers who sell our products aren’t Asteron Life employees. They generally sell a range of different insurers’ products — so their advice should be impartial.

They’ll stand by you

Life and priorities change. You might have kids, buy a bigger house or change jobs. Your adviser can provide customised advice to help you keep your insurance plans up-to-date to match your changing needs. 

What to expect from your adviser 

There are lots of great advisers out there. But how do you choose the right one for you? This guide gives you the low-down.

Ensure they're registered

Registered or Authorised financial Advisers can give you advice on a range of products from different insurers. Asteron Life only deals with financial advisers because we believe all our customers should have access to sound, impartial advice about our products.

Financial advisers in New Zealand must also be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register. This is a good thing because it means there are rules in place to protect you.

The first meeting

Your first meeting with an adviser will normally take a bit of time. They'll need to ask you a number of questions about your life so they can provide the best possible advice.

They’ll also want to understand what you’d like to do if something happened to you – such as sickness, disability or death. It sounds gloomy – but it’s not really. Life insurance gives you confidence knowing there are plans in place if needed.

Of course, nobody can predict the future. So it’s not always obvious what you’ll need if ‘it-will-never-happen-to-me’ actually happens. This is where the adviser really steps up, working with you to uncover both the obvious and the less-well known needs, that sometimes crop up.

Get prepped

Be as prepared as you can for your first meeting, it helps to gather information about your income, assets and debts beforehand. You can also use our LifeSnap tool to get a better idea of the types of things you'll need to consider.

The adviser will then use their experience and specialist know-how to recommend a mix of cover types and levels they think will work best for you, within your budget.  In most cases the recommendations are sent following the meeting.

Things an adviser will cover

At the start of the meeting your adviser must show you their Disclosure Statement. If they don't, you can ask for it, it's free of charge. 

The Disclosure statement will cover things like their qualifications, services they can provide and where to go if you have a problem with the advice you’ve been given.

Think it over

Take the time to reflect on your meeting. Did they understand your personal situation and listen to your needs? Were they knowledgeable and explain things in a way you could understand?

Most importantly, were you comfortable talking to them about your financial needs?

"We weren't really sure about what we were going to get covered, but Nigel, our adviser, talked us through everything."

Simon Evans, Asteron Life customer

Ready to meet with an adviser? 

You could talk to your friends and family for a reccomendation, do some research online or we can look after the first step for you. We have years of experience working with professional advisers, so we can easily make an introduction.

If you or your loved ones need to make a claim, we’ll be here for you and so will your adviser. Their support and assistance through the claim process can make a huge difference during a tough time.

Find an adviser

Be prepared with our online LifeSnap tool

Our online LifeSnap tool has been created to help you tailor your insurance to your current needs and lifestyle.

Go to the LifeSnap tool

Don't hesitate to ask your adviser…
  • What experience they have
  • If they have any client testimonials
  • To explain the process to set up life insurance
  • What your premium will cost
  • How they are remunerated
  • To keep within your budget and explain things in a way you’ll understand

The right plan in place

Simon Evans and his wife Francine did something quite unusual for people in their early twenties—they made a call to an insurance adviser, Nigel Sutherland.

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