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3 budget-friendly presents for the kids

1 December 2020

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Christmas is a time of joy for so many families, but it can also put a strain on the wallet. Whether you’re seeking some budget-friendly ideas, or wanting to encourage your kids to appreciate the philosophy that ‘less is more’, here are three easy and cost-effective Christmas gift ideas for children.

1. Sustainable Santa

While that plush Unicorn might be the most coveted item in the schoolyard right now, it’s likely to be discarded in just a month or two. If you have the time, creating something completely homemade could deliver a ‘wow’ factor that lasts:

  • Make their own travel adventure pack – gather together everything they might need to plan a family outing. It could be a bus/train card and timetable, a map of your local area and a list of top destinations where you could visit. Let them plan a trip once a month for you all to enjoy.
  • Nature explorer kit – photocopy (or print) pictures of the local flora and fauna in your area and staple or bind them into their very own book. Add an empty jar for collecting leaf ‘specimens’ along the way and make a treasure hunt list so they can tick off things they spot them.
  • Vouchers with a difference – prepare vouchers for a day of dedicated one-on-one time just for the two of you. These could make some their most treasured memories of the year.

2. Books

From cartoons to chapter books, books are a gift that bring joy in so many ways. While it’s important to support Kiwi bookstores by shopping local, there are also plenty of ways to source those great reads at a bargain price. Take a look at your:

  • Local hospice or second-hand shop
  • School fairs
  • Ask your local library if they have withdrawn books available for sale
  • TradeMe and/or Facebook Marketplace
  • Or, do a swap with other parents (chances are they have the final book in the series that your child is longing for!)

3. Memberships

Avoid all that plastic packaging by giving them a gift that lasts the whole year. You could even do this collectively as a present from your extended family. Some wonderful options could be a:

  • Zoo annual pass
  • Concession card for the local swimming pool
  • A term of lessons to help them master their favourite after-school activity
  • Movie vouchers
  • And for something completely free, join them up to your local library (if they don’t already have a card first, of course!)

Making magical memories

Whatever presents end up under your tree, we hope these ideas bring a few different ideas and inspiration when it comes to Christmas shopping for the kids.

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