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Parenting toolbox: Get the school year started right

4 February 2021

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With school seeming like a distant memory for many kids (and parents too!) after the long summer holidays, heading back for that first day can seem rather daunting. Here are 5 simple tips to help your tamariki start Term 1 with confidence.

1. Wake up right

Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to enjoy a few leisurely sleep-ins or lazy starts to the day over the summer break. To avoid a rush getting to school before the bell rings, try gradually adjusting wake-up and meal times each day to fit with the school schedule.

2. Check those essentials

It’s amazing how many school essentials get squirreled away and forgotten about over the holidays. Avoid any last-minute panic by checking they still have everything they need – including:

  • Lunchbox and drink bottle – are they still in good condition?
  • Sun protection – do their sunhats still fit and do you need to organise their own personal sunscreen and/or hand sanitiser?
  • Stationery – do you still need to place an order?
  • If appropriate, try on those school uniforms and shoes – do they still fit?

To your mornings even easier, you could even ask your tamariki to set out what they’ll be wearing to school the night before.

3. Take it easy

From sports to music lessons, it can be easy to find your weekdays filled with after-school activities. If you can, aim to create an afternoon or two of downtime. You could also schedule playdates for the weekend, when everyone has a bit more energy.

4. Munching that lunch

Found yourself handing out endless snacks over summer? You’re not alone! Making a daily lunchbox now is a great way to get kids back into the habit of managing what they eat over the day – and avoid everything being gobbled up at morning snack time.

5. Coping with COVID-19

While it’s largely ‘business as usual’ in New Zealand, it’s unsurprisingly an unsettling time for many of us. Some kids (and grown-ups too!) may need extra reassurance, patience and lots of cuddles. If you’re feeling like your whānau could benefit from some expert support, take a look here.

We hope you all enjoy a great start to the school year!

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