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10 bright ideas for lifting a dull day

23 May 2019

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Having a rough day? It’s easy to feel weighed down by all the mounting tasks you know you need to complete, especially in winter’s cold, grey weather. We’ve compiled a few easy ideas for breaking away from a difficult day and doing something for yourself.  

1. Phone a friend

We spend so much time texting, messaging and emailing but talking on the phone is a bit of a lost art. It’s also a great way to feel connected. Give a family member or a friend a call – you’ll probably brighten their day as well as yours.

2. Take a walk

Step outside your normal space, leave your desk, your house or wherever you are and go for a walk. Even fifteen minutes around the block can help clear your head and lift your mood.

3. Treat yourself to something nutritious and delicious

Show yourself some love by making something yummy. Aim for something nutritious though – perhaps a yummy bowl of yoghurt, fruit and nuts. You can find some ideas from a dietitian here

4. Breathe

If you can, lie down and forget everything else for ten minutes. Focus on your breath: inhale and exhale. Chances are you’ll feel calm and ready to tackle your to-do list afterwards.

5. Remind yourself of what you’ve already achieved 

Sometimes we’re better at acknowledging other people’s achievements than our own. You’ve done a lot. You do a lot everyday – make sure you tell yourself how well you’re doing!

6. Put your phone down

We love our phones! And social media is a treasure trove of interesting information, but it can also take up a lot of time and add to feelings of anxiety. Make yourself some rules around when and how long you look at your phone. Stick to them and it might just brighten your day tomorrow too! 

7. Ask for a hug

If a loved one is nearby, ask for a hug. A cuddle can trigger a release of oxytocin, a hormone that is associated with happiness and stress reduction.  

8. Set aside time to do something that you enjoy

Even if it’s not something you can do today, make a date with yourself for tomorrow. Schedule it and keep it. Treat yourself the way you would a friend and make you, and the things you love doing, a priority.

9. Sing out loud

It may sound a little unconventional but singing can be a natural stress release. Singing out loud can release endorphins and the deep breathing you do when you belt out a tune can increase the oxygen in your blood. You don’t have to be Mariah or Celine and you certainly don’t have to sing in front of anyone, the car or the shower are great secret-singing spots.

10. Do something nice for a friend

It always feels great to make someone else feel good. Send a friend a card – tell them why they’re wonderful. Or make time for a coffee, lunch or a walk together and tell them in person!

We’d love to know your ideas. If you’ve some bright ideas to add to our list, let us know via our Asteron Life Facebook page.

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