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10 of the best: Fun family activities for the school holidays

9 July 2019

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Rock painting, bingo, road trips and so much more!  We loved the activity ideas entrants in our school holiday giveaway told us about so much that we decided to share them in a blog! 

One theme that came through loud and clear was that, for many families, the school holidays are a time to spend together. So, take a look at some of these great ideas and see if there are any that you, your children and other loved ones would like to add to your list. 

1. Get crafty: Mister Maker days and more

Drawing, painting, gluing and paper craft are all popular activities. One family told us their favourite activity is making pipe cleaner animals, another said they hold Mister Maker days and gather together unused items in the house, like carboard boxes. So, go on… get creative!

2. Make a slimy, muddy mess 

Messy play also featured. If you have a garden with space, make the most of any mud after it rains. Dedicate a spot to mud-mixing and play. Or set aside some slime-time. There are plenty of DIY recipes on the internet (including a few with natural, edible ingredients). Brief your kids on rules and how you’d like them to clean up before you get started!

3. Cook up a storm

Baking is another way your kids could get their fill of messy play – and produce something delicious. Cupcake decorating was a firm favourite with our giveaway entrants and lots of people said their kids enjoy delivering the baked goods they make to loved ones or taking them on picnics to share.  One more great idea was to have a night when the kids help plan and prepare a two-course family meal. 

4. Build an indoor hut

Huts, huts and more huts! Lots of families mentioned indoor hut building. One family said they held hibernation days, staying home in their PJs to play inside and making huts from sheets, cushions and chairs. Another said they combined craft with hut building – making decorations for their huts.

5. Hold a family movie or games night

Popcorn anyone? Fun family movie nights were high on many people’s school holiday activity lists. And how about a spot of bingo? We loved hearing from the family who said they organise bingo games with fun prizes for their kids to win.

6. Have fun helping out

Getting kids involved in jobs that need doing around the house is a great way to teach responsibility and it sounds like lots of families are having fun doing it. We heard from a family whose kids love sorting through their toy box to declutter and from another whose children help harvest winter veggies and stack firewood.

7. Get out and about…indoors!

Favourite rainy-day activities to get kids out of the house included going to the movies, indoor rock climbing and op-shopping. You could also check out public museums or galleries in your area! 

8. Find an outdoor adventure 

Great outdoor suggestions included: puddle jumping on rainy days, pinecone hunting, bush walking, finding new parks and bike riding. Fishing and surfcasting also got a special mention! 

9. Take a road trip

Road-tripping to see grandparents and to explore new places was another activity a lot of families said they’ll be doing this school holiday. 

10. Paint a rock and hide it

Painting rocks to hide in parks or hunting for those hidden by others was another fun idea mentioned. Rock-on, but before you hide any painted treasure make sure you’ve checked in with your local parks (some councils ask that these aren’t hidden in flower beds or on large grassy areas so that there’s no risk for their lawn mowing teams or damage to plants). If you’re interested take a look on Facebook for a local rock painting group.

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