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Five tips for helping children return to primary school

13 May 2020

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The regular school routine is a distant memory for most children, especially for younger tamariki. The impact of COVID-19 has dramatically changed the ways they have been learning and returning to a life outside of social isolation could feel a bit of a struggle. We’ve put together some simple ways to help them transition back into the primary school routine.

1. Set a regular schedule and routine

Predictable timings and routine can be very comforting for younger children – starting off by moving them back into their regular weekly wake-up and bedtimes. If mealtimes have adjusted to fit in with your bubble during lockdown, it could be useful to bring these into line with their scheduled breaks at school. For some, this may mean they need to adapt to a slightly later morning tea and lunch.

2. Getting prepared

Remember that old saying “children grow like weeds?” Well, it’s true! If your school has a uniform, avoid a panic on their start day by checking all their garments still fit. For littlies, you could also check their ability to manage tasks like where their book bag goes and understand where to put their school jumper if they get hot later on in the day (so you don’t have to track it down!)

3. Behaviour in class

Home schooling has been a tough for so many parents – with good reason. Even the most diligent of students have found it hard to sit still and learn at home without their beloved teacher and classroom structure. It could be worth reminding them what behaviour is expected of them in class – such as how to ask their teacher a question, how to indicate when they need to go to the toilet or where to go for help if they need it at playtime.

4. Eating and drinking

Most lunchboxes have languished in a cupboard for weeks and it may be useful to start packing them again before their return to school. After days of supplying them with seemingly endless amounts of snacks, you may need to work with your child to re-learn how to regulate the quantity of food they eat at each breaktime, so it will last across the day. If they’ve been accustomed to having you prompt them to drink water, switch back to a daily drink bottle so they get back in the habit.

5. The experts are there if you need help

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a time of major upheaval for all of us in New Zealand – and many children and their parents will need an extra helping hand as we transition out of lockdown. It’s only natural that some young ones may experience worry as they adjust to the new ‘normal’.

If you or your children need some expert advice, please reach out to the people or groups that can provide you with the support you need.

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