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Simon's Story

Simon Evans had always insisted that Multiple Sclerosis was never going to define him. With help from his Asteron Life Income Protection Insurance it never has.

Why income protection really matters

Things were looking good for Simon Evans and his wife Francine. They were starting a family together, and Simon was enjoying a successful career in corporate business. He thought he had everything he wanted, until he had a chat with his insurance adviser.

“It’s almost like going to a mortgage broker for the first time. You’re not sure what you really need, but they were really good at explaining situations,” Simon recalls. It was here that Simon and Francine agreed that Asteron Life’s Income Protection cover best suited their needs. “We had a look through a whole pile of different companies but Asteron Life had the best features, the whole package as far as making sure we were covered” says Simon.

Lending a helping hand

Then, in 2005 Simon’s world almost fell apart. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While he was determined to carry on with life as normal, he took great comfort in the fact that his family could rely on Asteron Life’s Income Protection Insurance. There was no telling how severe Simon’s MS might become, but he and Francine had their hearts set on living life to the fullest.

Simon's story

"The best part about life today is getting to spend time with the people you love, with the kids, and really just enjoying life..."

A brighter future

Simon acknowledges that things would be very different without Asteron Life’s Income Protection Insurance. “It’s worth protecting the future,” he explains. That message was reinforced recently, when Simon visited the MS Society and chatted to a nurse about his cover.

“She said ‘you’re so, so, so fortunate. A lot of people are diagnosed with MS when they’re 27-28 and haven’t thought to get insurance. They’re badly affected by it with no money and very little support.’ We could have easily been in the same situation, if we’d gone ‘No, don’t worry about insurance.’ It’s horrible to think about.”

Today Simon continues to live how he chooses, never allowing his MS to define him. “The best part about life today is getting to spend time with the people you love, with the kids, and really just enjoying life".

Asteron Life would like to sincerely thank Simon for his generosity in allowing us to publish his story.

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