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Asteron Life
Connected Care

Expert medical, mental health and wellbeing advice.

What is Asteron Life Connected Care?

Access a network of local and global medical and wellbeing experts to answer your questions, give you a second opinion and help get you back on track to health and wellness.

Asteron Life Connected Care is now included at no extra cost with Asteron Life Disability Insurance, Trauma Cover and Cancer Cover*. 

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Support for the family

Asteron Life Connected Care is available to you, your partner/spouse, children, parents, and even your parents in law.

Asteron Life Connected Care provides access to:

Ask a GP

If you have a medical question, you can ask online and an experienced New Zealand GP will get back to you within 24 hours (during business hours) with an answer.

Expert Medical Opinion

Need more clarity and confidence on a medical issue? Have a leading specialist review the diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.

Ask a Mental Health Clinician

For general advice and help about mental health, a registered mental health clinician can answer your questions.

Get help with the Mental Health Navigator

Discreet and confidential support from a team of mental health experts from the comfort of your own home.

Nutrition & Fitness Consultant

Have a qualified fitness or nutrition specialist assess your needs one-on-one, to understand you and your health goals. You’ll get a clear plan of action to make the first step toward achieving your goals. The specialist will follow-up to check-on your progress.

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Check out the following videos to understand more about Asteron Life Connected Care

What is “Ask a GP” service?

Dr Kate Margetts explains how ‘Ask a GP’ service can help you.



How does “Expert medical opinion” work?

Hear from Dr Kate Margetts on how ‘Expert medical opinion’ can give you additional confidence and clarity on your medical diagnosis and management.



Find out more about how mental health services can help

Hear from Dr Lorelle Drew and Joanne Gauci a mental health nurse, about how Teladoc mental health services can help to provide early intervention, support and guidance when facing a mental health condition.

Asteron Life Connected Care was formerly known as ‘Best Doctors’, this service has a new name but even more perks. You’ll need to register for all the great stuff (even if you’ve signed up for Best Doctors), so why not sign up today?

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Important information

*To access Teladoc Health services via Asteron Life Connected Care at no extra cost, your Trauma, Cancer or Disability Cover needs to be active and in force. It includes the following covers that can be currently purchased - Personal Insurance or Business Insurance Trauma Cover, Cancer Cover, Income Protection Cover, Mortgage and Living Cover, Workability Cover, Business Disability Cover, Business Expenses Cover, Farmers Disability Cover and Employee Insurance – Income Protection Cover. It also extends to specific previously sold policies, if you’d like to check if you qualify, please contact Asteron Life on 0800 737 101.

Asteron Life Limited (“Asteron”) reserves the right to withdraw or modify the terms of access to Asteron Life Connected Care at any time.

For full policy terms and conditions, see your policy wording or contact your adviser. Asteron does not provide financial advice in relation to life insurance cover. The content of this website is for information purposes only and is not financial, legal or medical advice nor does it offer any opinion or recommendation about whether a particular policy is right for you. You should consult a qualified financial adviser for advice specific to your personal situation and needs. Asteron and it’s related companies do not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with your use of or reliance on the information. Asteron Life Connected Care is owned and operated by Teladoc Health Australasia Pty Limited (“Teladoc”). Asteron disclaims all responsibility for any loss, claim, cost, liability, expense, or injury suffered by any person as a result of utilising the services provided by Teladoc or the information or content appearing on the Teladoc website or Asteron Life Connected Care web portal, except where such loss cannot be excluded by law. Asteron Life Connected Care is not insurance (including medical insurance) and it does not replace your relationship with your current doctor or medical specialist. 

Mental Health Navigator and Mental Health Clinician is only available to people who are aged 18 years and over and are either residing in New Zealand or are New Zealand citizens. Dental and emergency conditions are excluded from the services.