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Asteron Life putting mental health at the forefront

18 September 2023

With mental health being the third largest reason for disability claims, following accidents and cancer, Asteron Life are supporting the mental health needs of eligible customers with their Mental Health Disability Management Programme.

The programme is specifically tailored to support customers who lodge claims related to their mental health. Provided in collaboration with Teladoc Health, the insurer has been offering this service since 2020. 

Executive Manager Claims and Customer Solutions for Asteron Life, Seema Bangera says, “We recognise that getting access to mental health care can be difficult and many people struggle to reach out for help. We want to enable our customers to get the support they need, when they need it, irrespective of where they are located.”

Since the service began, 31 referrals have been received (as of 5 September 2023), helping customers get the appropriate mental health care, tailored to their individual needs. In some cases, this has seen people getting back into the workforce.  

The Mental Health Disability Management Programme is about regaining and maintaining overall wellness. The service is tailored to the claimant’s individual situation and delivers outcome driven therapy.

“We recognise that mental health is a big issue in Aotearoa and it’s a situation that requires immediate attention.”

Bangera says that mental health can also surface alongside other claim reasons. It’s important that we can bring solutions to customers that really make a difference.

The programme aims to connect eligible customers with a professional within seven to ten days from referral and are supported throughout the whole process by their Asteron Life case manager and a mental health nurse from Teladoc Health.

Since the programme began in 2020, Teladoc Health has reported that around 60% of customers are getting a more informed diagnosis than what was initially provided to them and 80% of customers have received an altered treatment plan since using the service.  

At a time where there is pressure on mental health services in the public health system, particularly for those that live in rural areas or far away from care, the option of this programme means that customers are able to get faster access to care from home or closer to home (where face to face is not available). 

Asteron Life has received feedback from customers who have benefited from this service, stating the positives are quick access to care, tailored treatment and wrap around support for overall wellbeing and rehabilitation. 

“This is where we can help make a difference for our customers,” Bangera says.

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